2600-daptor D9 firmware

Firmware Programming Instructions

Download the firmware version you want (right click, Save Link As) -

2600-daptor D9 180401.hex - latest release

And the utility to load it -
Windows - HIDBootLoader.exe
Mac OS X, Linux - MPHidFlash executables in the "binaries" folder

To install:
1) Unplug the USB.
2) Open the 'daptor by inserting a small flat blade screw driver into the slots on the side and turning the screw driver as if you are turning a screw to pop the halves apart.

3) Locate the 2-pin jumper by the D9 jack.  Use a metal object to short the pins together.

4) Plug in the USB. The LED should remain OFF. If it turns on/flashes, then the jumper is not making contact. Unplug the USB, check the jumper, and try plugging the USB back in again.
5) Once the USB is plugged in with LED staying off, then there is no need for the jumper any more - it can be removed.
6) Use the utility to program the firmware


Execute HIDBootLoader.exe. You should see "Device attached." in the message area.
Click "Open Hex File" button and select the above .hex file you downloaded.
Click "Program/Verify" button. You should see "Erase/Program/Verify Completed Successfully" after a couple of seconds.

Mac OS X, Linux

Enter command line mode.  For Mac: from the Finder, select Go->Utilities from the menu and double-click the Terminal application.
Execute the binary for your platform.  Mac example: 

mphidflash-1.6-osx-64 -write 2600-daptorIITB.hex 

7) All done - unplug the USB and snap the 'daptor shell back together.  

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