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Help: General

To verify operation, first try in a game controller app/test program.  Do not reply on an emulator - there could be an emualtor setting/mapping problem.  On windows - 

Select the adapter in the list and click Properties button.  Check the various controller functions.

Try a different USB cable or plug into a different USB jack.

The enumeration seems to always stall under WinXP if, when the first time it is plugged into a computer, it is plugged into a USB 1.1 port.  If windows does not give the device installed and ready to use notification within 30 seconds after plugging in, simply unplug and plug it back in.  After that, it should install and operate fine.  You can also go into Device Manager, right click on it, and select Update Driver… to restart the enumeration. 

The 'daptor might be going into firmware update mode.  If a button/switch connected to internal terminal 4 is on when the USB is being plugged in, the 'daptor will go into firmware update mode.  If so, just unplug and replug the USB, ensuring any such button or switch is off.  Once the LED starts flashing, the 'daptor has booted up and any button/switch on terminal 4 can be used freely without the 'daptor going into firmware update mode. 

  1. Be sure you have Stella vers 3.4 or later (3.6 for 'II)!
  2. The 2600-daptor needs to be connected before Stella is opened.  Trying closing and reopening Stella.
  3. Verify operation in Control Panel->Game Controllers as noted at top of this Help section.
  4. Check Stella Options->System Logs (“stdout.txt” file in Stella 3.4) for “2600-daptor“ listed under “Joystick devices found:”.
  5. For 'II, check you have the switches set to the correct mode for the controller.


See the individual adapter pages for their switch settings.

Help: Paddle/Analog

Is the Paddle controller worn?  Try using them in a real 2600 if you have one.  Paddle A is susceptible to wearing out as it used exclusively for one-player games.  Paddle B is often still good.  Try Paddle B in a two-player game or use the swap Paddle option in Stella (Options->Game Properties->Controller->Swap Paddles) that makes Paddle B player one.  You can swap the pots if you have a bad one.  I found controllers that have connectors inside so the wires just plugged on making it easy.  But I have also foud others with the wires soldered on.  Another possible source of this problem - the 9-pin connector could have worn or dirty contacts.

** RetroPie was updated at some point and looks like evdev-joystick is no longer needed.  You can first try without it.  If you experience a paddle dead spot, then install evdev-joystick. **

Need to install evdev-joystick found here.  See the included Readme.txt file for instructions.  Thanks to Stephen @ Stella for providing this.

Here is an updated "rules" file with all the analog adapters I make - 80-stelladaptor-joystick.rules

And here is evdev-joystick repackaged in a Windows friendly .zip -  (and includes the updated rules file)

2600 D9's shipped in Dec '18 thru Jan '19 need to have their firmware updated to the 2/01/2019 or later version.

The default libretro/retroarch emulators do not support paddles.  For the 2600, you can go into RetorPie configuration, optional packages, and install the standalone stella emulator.  (I then delete lr-stella to insure it runs the standalone stella).

11/21 - an updated lr-stella emulatar that supports paddles has been released.  You need to go into RetroPie configuration, main packages, and update "lr-stella2014" from source.  Personally, I still prefer the standalone stella emulator - it will automatically recognize the 2600 adaptors and supports paddle, driving, and keyboard controllers.

A real 2600 only uses about 10% the paddle controller’s range of motion.  The outer red lines on the tape in the below pic mark the full range used on a real 2600.  The 2600-daptor has been calibrated to give this same range under Stella.

You will want to set Joystick Deadband to 0.0.  If using a GUI, try right-click on the game system, Properties, Controllers tab to find this setting.  Joystick Saturation will also affect paddle operation - try 1.0.  You want to just set this on individual game systems, as opposed to global.

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