2600-daptor D9 

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The 2600-daptor D9 is a USB interface for connecting many 9-pin controllers to your PC/Mac, Raspberry Pi, or game console that supports USB HID. No driver is needed as the 2600-daptor D9 is recognized as a USB HID (Human Interface Device) joystick.  No need to reprogram the firmware just to use a different controller. 

 *** 02/17/23 - Paddle jitter with the 2600-D9 adapter *** 

When used with MiSTer and PC's that are not grounded ("floating ground")

Have learned some people have encountered bad paddle jitter when using the 2600-D9 with MiSTer.  This jitter goes away when the metal on the adapter controller connector is touched, indicating an electrical grounding problem.  The power supply that comes with the MiSTer DE10-Nano Kit is 2-pronged and ungrounded.  Have also learned this jitter can occur on a regular PC that is again not grounded (plugged into a 2-prong ungrounded outlet, or a 3-prong outlet but the ground is not actually connected).

Have not been able to find a way to change the 2600-D9 to avoid this, but haven't seen this problem with the 2600-II (it reads the paddles differently than the 2600-D9).  So have made a new 2600-PDL adapter based on the 2600-II.  Designed to complement the 2600-D9 by providing support for paddles affected by the D9 jitter problem.  It has several paddle scaling selections, including one for MiSTer 7800/2600 core, and also works with Hyperkin Ranger which the 2600-D9 doesn't support.

2600-D9 controllers affected by this problem, and other adapter(s) to use instead:

The Sega Paddle Control HPD-200 is not affected by this jitter problem, use the 2600-D9 for it.

Want to play Stella with non-2600 controllers (including Atari 2800/Sears Video Arcade II)?  Check out the alternate "2600=daptor" firmware here.

** Does NOT work with Hyperkin Ranger **

**** Sega MS Sport Pad - 5/24/22 I have learned there are at least two different versions of the Sports Pad, and my adapters do NOT work with the later version.  Sports Pad I have here that works has serial # starting C71.  A Sports Pad that does not work has serial # starting E61. 

Supported controllers (Auto Sense special note) -

Controllers on the to-do list:

Auto Sense

Controller selected via Auto Sense or switch setting.  Auto Sense runs when the USB is plugged in.  Have the controller plugged in, and hold first that applies:

Keep holding until the LED is flashing regularly.  Will default to last controller used after 3 seconds.

Auto Sense caution: analog controls (2600 paddles, 2800/SVAII knob, Bally Astrocade knob) turned full right can cause the controller to be miss-detected.  Turn towards center.

Special Features

The Atari 2600 paddles are part of a "2600-daptor" mode.  When in this mode, you can freely switch between 2600 paddles, joystick, and driving just like you can with the Original and 2600 II - no need to use Auto Sense.  You can also Auto Sense into this mode with 2600 joystick pressed right.  Auto Sensing with the 2600 joystick fire button will actually select Sega Master System mode, but this works just fine with the 2600 joystick & driving (but not paddles).

Special key/button combinations for activating emulator functions (start/pause/etc) such as on a Raspberry Pi system w/o any keyboard -

Mouse output is used for the Coleco SA spinner & Driving controller.  There is a joystick mode that is like the Roller Controller joystick mode to use the Driving controller with emulators that don't support mouse input - active by using keypad * for Auto Sense.

3/18/13 - Note on Coleco SA spinner & Driving controller - only emulator I have found that can support these is MESS, but as of version 148b, has a bug that makes it erratic at fast speeds.  Hopefully this will get fixed in a future version.

Firmware is upgradeable over the USB.

Click here for more info on firmware versions and installing them .

Be sure to also check out the Ultimate PC Interface for Intellivision that supports connecting two controllers, and also Intv ECS keyboard and music synthesizer, and Coleco Roller Controller. You can find set up instructions and hackfile for jzIntv on the Ultimate webpage, about 2/3's the way down.  It shares the same mapping.

Purchasing & General Adapter Information

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Switch settings

After changing switches between modes, the USB cable must be unplugged and replugged for it to take affect!

Mode Switch 1 (next to USB) Switch 2 Switch 3
Auto Sense UP UP UP
Amiga Mouse DOWN UP UP
Atari ST Mouse UP DOWN UP
Atari CX22/80 in Trak-ball Mode DOWN DOWN UP
Sega MS Sports Pad - Sports Mode DOWN UP DOWN
Sega MS Sports Pad - Control Mode UP DOWN DOWN
Atari 2600 paddle/joystick/driving DOWN DOWN DOWN

Famiclone, NES, SNES, Famicom, Super Famicom 

Pin-outs for making adapter cables

2600 D9 - Famiclone Famicom D15
2 - DATA 13 (7 joystick #2)
3 - STROBE 12
4 - CLOCK 14 (9 joystick #2)
6 - +5V 15
8 - GND 1

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