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This is firmware available for the 2600 II/PDL that turns it into an AtariVox USB interface.  Supports both the SpeakJet and EEPROM.  Works as a USB virtual COM port.

An inf driver is needed (below) for Windows prior to 10.  Also works with Mac and Linux, but I only have a Windows version of the EEPROM utility.

This may be mainly of interest to 2600 game developers.  The SpeakJet supported by the Stella emulator, but I only know of one speech game that the ROM image is freely available: Strat-O-Gems Deluxe.  Also, Stella emulates the EEPROM with a disk file, so a real AtariVox is not needed for that.  But this can be used to examine or modify the EEPROM contents (like saved high-scores).

I believe this would work with the SaveKey hardware, but don't have one to try.  The SaveKey utility program will *not* work with this - you must use the EEPROM utility below.

The 2600 adapter switch #1 sets the mode:

08/25/2020 - Firmware update for Stella 6.3: the SpeakJet Ready signal now supported.  Set switch 2 down and the LED will follow the Ready signal.


Need to set the COM port number in Stella -> Options -> Input Settings -> AVox serial port.  The default of "COM5" is likely to be correct.  If not, you will need to go into windows Device Manager and look under Ports (COM & LPT).  It will just be listed a generic "USB Serial Port".  If there are several, or you just want to double check you are seeing the correct one, you can double click it to go into Properties and the Manufacture will be Microchip Technology, Inc.  Further you can go into Detail, select Hardware IDs which is USB\VID_04D8&PID_000A.  The Port Settings - BAUD, bits, etc - do not matter.

Also works with the AtariVox Utility.


Use the below Windows utility to read/write the EEPROM contents to/from a file.  The file format is text ASCII hexadecimal.  Each line is 4-digit address, colon, up to 16 data bytes -

When writing, it is not necessary to do the whole EEPROM contents.  You can have just the data you wanted written in the file.

Link to Memory allocation list on AtariAge.


This driver inf is needed for Win XP/7/8 - none needed for 10.

Firmware for the 2600 II/PDL: AtariVox-daptor.hex - follow the 2600 II Firmware Programming Instructions

EEPROM utility: - uncompress and install by running the setup.exe

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